On-site home visits. Resolving your issues at home.

Is your computer running slowly? Do you wish it was as fast and slick as the day you brought it? We feel your frustration and know exactly how to speed it up!

A fresh installation of your operating system and installing the latest OS updates to patch vulnerabilities and keep you safe as well as restoring your data and programs.

Clear temp files and junk files to create more space on your hard drive.

Check anti-virus and security settings.

RAM upgrades to give you a boost on the number of applications you can run a once, a must if you love multitasking!

Running out of disk space? We can add additional storage to your computer to store your files, movies, music and pictures and of course any other type of data.

Want to run the latest games on your computer or render high quality graphics? Let's upgrade your graphics card to give you a boost!

PC won't turn on but you need those important pictures and files? Our team can recover your hard drive and burn them on to disc/transfer to a memory stick or another hard drive.

We can also upgrade your computers hardware and install applications that you are having trouble with.

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Cloud Computing. It'll blow your mind.

As an IT support company serving SME businesses in London, there are several aspects of cloud computing that Cronex can help you with – emails, backup, file storage, desktop access and cloud server support. It all depends what makes sense for your business.

Microsoft’s cloud offering is Office 365 – providing you with cloud email, file storage and desktop software – and it has become the fastest growing product they have ever released. Office 365 sets you up with Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and all of the Office family that you are used to, but they are no longer installed onto your computer. Instead they exist as apps accessible via the internet. Some packages also allow for software downloads onto a maximum of 5 devices.

The cloud allows you to ‘rent’ space, services and software that will be billed to you monthly, or annually from various providers. The space in question is generally a huge data centre where millions of different people’s information is held. All of the data stored in one data centre is also mirrored to a second data centre in a different location to minimise the risk of data loss.

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Create a fast network. Stay connected.

Love how fast your network connection is at work? Create a full home network by sharing your Internet connection all around your house.

We can hard wire your important devices to ensure they are getting a full 1gbps connection to enjoy working without any drop outs or watch movies without buffering.

Add additional access points and switches to your network to avoid any blank spots.

We will help setting up physical and virtual servers with Active Directory installed to have user accounts, Setup DHCP to give devices IP addresses, apply Group Policies on devices and users and share files amongst users.

A simpler way to share files would be to use a NAS which we setup and configure it to your needs.

Networked printer setup for home or office. Print from any device wirelessly!

Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup to securely connect to your personal home or work network over the Internet.

Networked file sharing solutions to allow access your data either in the office or offline with multiple users accessing public or private shares.

Secure your wireless network setup to get everyone at home or in the office connected.

Add switches for efficient transfer of information between multiple computers.

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Extra services we offer.

Office setup - assisting in ordering and installing the IT hardware required to get you setup and ready for business! No job too small – please contact us for a bespoke consultation and quote that best suits you and your business needs.

On-site data back backups at scheduled intervals.

Secure off site data backup with quick data restoration.

Custom computer build.

Internet bandwidth management to restrict the usage of certain websites or apps at peak times.

Block internet sites or the times they can be accessed by either all users or just certain individuals.

Still have those old tape video VHS cassettes of special occasions but can't watch them because the video player is in the attic or thrown away? We will convert your VHS to DVD or store all your videos as playable computer and TV files.

We can also convert audio tapes and Vinyl records to CD or MP3.

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We offer site visits throughout all London postcodes. Depending on the job and the services you require we can also carry out some tasks remotely, please contact us with more information and we can assess how best to help you.

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